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JBCC Hosts “Users Conference” in 25th Year Anniversary Celebration.

Article by: Natalie Müller

The Joint Building Contracts Committee (JBCC) is today hosting their Users Conference & Gala Dinner in celebration of 25 years in existence, at the Hilton Hotel in Johannesburg, Sandton.

JBCC “Users Conference & Gala Dinner” invitational banner.


The purpose of the conference is to foster members to learn, reconnect, rebuild, and rediscover the future of contracts in the built environment by attending JBCC Users Conference.

Joining the users conference provides for the assistance in enlightenment on the developments and growth within the construction sector, by creating a shared understanding, and mapping a common ground.

According to the JBCC Chairman Mr Kumarsen, the organisation was established in 1984 by various construction related bodies, including the construction professions, contractors’/subcontractors’ associations, and the South African Property Owners Association.

The JBCC is an offshoot of the JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal) which is a UK based organisation.

The JBCC was registered in 1997 as a Non-Profit Company, with one of its’ main functions being to publish, and update as necessary, Construction Agreements and related back-up documents.

Its first editions were published in 1991, and since then there have been various editions, published at varying intervals.

The immediately previous editions were published in 2014. The 2018 Editions contain important changes and eliminate the regrettable errors in the 2014 Editions and even more regrettable errors in the Errata to the 2014 Editions that were added later.

JBCC then embarked on a process to re-issue the 2014 Editions, which was thought to only take a few months but eventually took almost three years for the 2018 Editions to be published.

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