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Bianca Naidoo Not Recognised as deceased SA Rapper “Ricky Rick’s” Wife.

Article by: Palesa Motaung

Entertainment News:

BREAKING: The South African entertainment industry never disappoints when it comes to a quick scoop. The latest being the jaw dropping allegations that have set the media streets alight, detailing the juicy rumors of an unofficial marriage between the Late SA Rapper & Producer Ricky Rick and widow Bianca Naidoo.

Not even 5 months have gone by since the passing of the popular SA Hip-Hop Rapper & Producer, who died by way of suicide earlier this year, yet his widow Bianca Naidoo is already facing the heat of her marital woes, in a tug of war for the control of her deceased lovers assets.

South Africans and staunch Ricky fans across the globe, have been left awestruck by the stupefying reports that Ricky and his supposed widow Bianca were not actually legally married, even after he; on many occasions publicly referred to her as his “Wife”.

Reports have emerged that Bianca is pursuing a case against the South African Department of Home Affairs, in a desperate effort to be officially recognised as his spouse and the executor of estate. Bianca is suing the department considering the fact that she was NOT legally married to Ricky at the time of his death and may therefore not be entitled to any of his assets, since he allegedly didn’t have a will in place at the time of his death.

In the case file statement she stated the following:

“Both I and the deceased were directors of Makgado Agency (Pty) Ltd, which we operated together in all respects.”

She goes on to detail how they met and how Ricky introduced her to his family;

“Our families… soon accepted our relationship as that of a ‘married couple” claiming that Ricky later gifted her with a promise ring in the year 2015.”

“At the time of my acceptance of a relationship with the deceased I lived with my first daughter, who was born out of a previous failed marriage. I expressed to the deceased that unless he was committed to him and having a stable relationship with a future, I would not permit him to meet my daughter. The deceased expressed that he wanted a long-lasting future with me, and we began living together with my daughter as a family during the same year of 2013 at my residential property bought for me by my parents in Bryanston Gauteng.” – Bianca Naidoo Statement

Riky Rick, real name Rikhado Makhado, who died at the age of 34, grew up in the Kwa-Zulu Natal township of KwaMashu in Durban.

Riky Rick wrote letters to Bianca & his kids before taking his own life, with two of these leaked letters coming from the artist’s inner circle of friends, where these letters contained apologies to his “wife” Bianca and children Maik and Jordan asking them not to blame themselves for his death and expressing his love for them.

He rose to fame with hit songs such as “Nafukwa”He also gifted the world with unforgettable, game changingqq hit songs such as Amantombazane and Boss Zonke.

This is an emerging story which will be updated as factual developments suffice.

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