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Dudula Leader Nhlanhla Lux Deflects Assassination!

Article by: Natalie Müller

BREAKING NEWS: Infamous vigilante group “Operation Dudula” leader Nhlanhla Lux has allegedly been shot at , while attending to a call for assistance regarding illegal electricity connections in Pimville, Soweto.

According to eyewitness reports Lux was in the company of other Operation Dudula members, who heeded the call to stop electricity theft and illegal connectivity in Pimville Soweto, when they were met by a gruesome attack.

Live ammunition was unleashed on the Dudula members. This led to the serious injury of 9 “Operation Dudula” members and allegedly the fatal death of 1 member.

No official statement has been released by the group nor have we been able to reach the Operations leader Mr. Nhlanhla Lux for comment.

according to news platform aljazeera, “Operation Dudula” is a splinter group from a faction in the Put South Africans First movement, an organisation that first popularised and renewed anti-immigrant campaigns on social media before finding expression on the ground.

The new movement is led by 36-year-old Nhlanhla ‘Lux’ Dlamini, born Nhlanhla Paballo Mohlauli.

Labelled by some as “xenophobic and dangerous”, it was founded in Soweto a few months after the July 2021 riots that erupted when former president Jacob Zuma was sentenced to jail for contempt of court.

Dlamini’s popularity skyrocketed when he led hundreds of his followers through a march in Soweto on June 16, 2021 – the 45th anniversary of the Soweto Uprising.

They targeted suspected drug traffickers and businesses that allegedly hired illegal foreigners in order to pay them lower wages than legally required.

This is a developing story…

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