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Driving Schools Shut Down Operations at Traffic Departments NATIONWIDE!!

Article by: Natalie Müller

Frustration is brewing amongst South African Citizens today, as they are unable to access road traffic and licensing services, as most Traffic Departments have been shut down due to a strike instituted by driving school operators and owners.

A source close to the licensing department at Marlboro, Sandton in the north of Johannesburg has confirmed that the station is not operational today due to a strike instituted by driving school operators.

The source confirmed that employees of the department were met with violent threats upon their arrival at work this morning. They were received with an unexpected greetings of burning tires and blocked entrances to the department, by the disgruntled driving school operators.

Source: Twitter user Tshepiso Pianist

Other reports have been spiking online and on various social media platforms of citizens who are missing their appointments and driving test sessions today, stemming from the inability to access various traffic departments due to the lack of communication regarding the strike.

No further information or statements had been issued by any official or traffic department regarding the strike.

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