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NUMSA: “Don’t blame foreigners”.

Article by: Ntando Mncube.

Trade Union NUMSA slammed Operation Dudula that’s targeting foreign nationals. This follows recent activities taking place in Soweto of Dudula members demolishing and attacking structures of foreign nationals with the notion that they are stealing jobs from South Africans.

NUMSA’s Spokesperson, Phakamile Hlubi-Majola, in her report stated that South Africans should not blame foreigners but instead look towards the government and the right departments like labour and Home Affairs.

Hlubi-Majola said if needs be, South Africans can channel their anger towards the Home Affairs who mismanage the borders and the Department of Labor who are not properly checking companies.

The spokesperson said, attacking the lady selling sweets by the road will not change any conditions instead Hlubi -Majola feels that the campaign is a destruction to the working class.

According to the Department of Labour last year, the foreign nationals only occupy four-percent of the labour sector who are working in various places but South Africa on its own has a 46-percent unemployment. This questions the notion behind the four- percent taking South African jobs according to NUMSA.

Hlubi-Majola said, she supports the documentation of foreigners especially for crime purposes but the notion of stealing jobs will lead to harm.

According to her, just like any South Africans working abroad, if foreigners are documented, they have a right to work and they should feel safe.

“The enemy is not other workers.” She further added.  

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