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‘The fight against unemployment and the fight against xenophobia should be married and not divorced’ – Zwelinzima Vavi

Article by: Ntando Mncube

South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU) General Secretary, Zwelinzima Vavi, called upon political leaders on his commentary on Saturday following notions of a possible xenophobic attack to the Africans working in South Africa.

This follows the EFF’s recent visit to the Kream restaurant in Midrand on Wednesday to ensure that the employees compromise of 60-percent South Africans. According to the secretary Africans move from their countries with the thought that South Africa is a “land of milk and honey”, without knowledge that there are millions of South Africans also unemployed.

Vavi said the leaders should confront the unemployment crisis rather than diverting the attention to the African masses and the vulnerable working classes.

“Don’t play short term xenophobic games on a very sensitive, desperate situation facing the poor in the African continent failed by the political systems that you belong to” Vavi said.

He further added that the state is marching towards a failed stage whereas the other African countries have either reached the stage or are at the brink of war.

Explaining his statement of “the fight against unemployment and the fight against xenophobia should be married and not divorced, Vavi said African workers run from their mismanaged economic states and migrate to South Africa where the battle for unemployment with less resources begins.

Vavi suggested Quotas to be implemented and strengthened to protect local citizens and also African workers from other countries from the exploitation they face from employers and further added that the anger should be directed to industry leaders and employers and not the African individuals.

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