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‘Kream wants to create an impression that Africans are taking jobs from South Africans’- Malema

Article by: Dumisane Dube

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema visited Midrand restaurant ‘Kream’ on Wednesday to ensure that the restaurant staff contingent was made up of 60% South Africans.

This is one of many visits the EFF will be embarking on in the hospitality industry.

According to the owner of the restaurant “Kream”, Tufan Yerebakan, security was stepped up.

“The security will be heightened but there is nothing I can do, as you how the EFF deals with things there is not much I can do. The foreign nationals have legal working visas,” Said Yerebakan.

The Midrant restaurant had initially refused a meeting with the EFF, despite claims by Malema that they had earlier agreed to meet with him.

Yereban said that he would not be meeting with Malema because he refused to be part of what he called “a spectacle”.

” Whatever information they want, they must go through the right channel. I’ve been serving him for 15 years in my bars and restaurants, he was once a week here. I’m told the day he announced it for the time last year. For the past 15 years, I’ve been serving him but this agenda did not work for him and he changed his policy on foreigners. Whatever has changed I don’t know,” Yerebakan added.

Addressing the media outside ‘Kream’, Malema blamed the restaurant for tensions between South Africans and foreign nationals.

“’Kream’ is known to have taken a decision to completely exclude South Africans. They do so because they want to to create and impression that Africans are taking jobs from South Africans. So they are dividing our people because when you’re here and you are told that people who don’t come from here are the ones who are taking your jobs you’re already going to attack them,” said Malema.

Malema says he wants South Africans and foreign nationals to work together.

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