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Multiple murder trial against Nomia postponed.

Article by: Dumisane Dube

The multiple murder trial against Nomia Ndlovu has been postponed to next week Monday, she faces six counts of murder and several other charges.

The former police officer was arrested in 2018 accused of listing family members on insurance policies and later killing them to cash in on insurance policy payouts.

She has told the court she did so to avoid being burdened in the event one of them passing on; as she had experienced it before.  

Last week, Ndlovu gave the court her account of events leading up to the deaths of Madala Homu and Zanele Motha, two of six people Ndlovu is accused of killing in order to benefit financially from insurance payouts.

It was revealed that Ndlovu received about R119 840 after the death of her niece Zanele Motha after taking three policies on her.

She is accused of the murders of Witness Madala Homu who was murdered in March 2012, cashing in R131 000 from insurance policies; Audrey Ndlovu killed in 2013 – Ndlovu cashing in R717 000; her boyfriend Morris Mabasa – cashing in R416 000; her niece Zanele Motha who died in June 2016 – cashing in R120 000; her nephew Mayeni Mashaba who died in 2017; as well as Mashego who was murdered in January 2018.

On Monday, the court heard how the former police officer also tampered with evidence at the scene of her sister, Audrey’s murder in Tembisa. 

Her sister, was found poisoned and strangled to death in her room in June 2013. 

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