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Nomia Ndlovu: Ex-cop and alleged mastermind of six murders maintains she’s innocent.

Article by: Dumisane Dube

Former police officer, Nomia Ndlovu, charged with the murder of six of her family members, has denies the charges brought against her.

She is accused of insuring her family members before going on an alleged killing spree – wiping them out with the help of hitmen, then claiming from insurance companies

The former police officer, who was arrested in 2018, is currently on the stand being questioned about the reasons behind her taking so many insurance policies for her family members.

 Among the people she allegedly ordered hits on were her elderly mother, her partner, two sisters as well as her five nephews and nieces.

On Thursday the court heard evidence from an audiologist who examined recorded calls from insurance companies and testified that Ndlovu had posed as her sister in one of the calls, taking up an insurance policy that eventually paid out R717 000.

Ndlovu said her voice was very similar to her sisters.

“I never took policies pretending to be Audrey. My voice is very much similar to that of my sister. If she was here and she spoke, you’d swear it was me speaking,” she told the court.

A Damning video footage went viral of Ndlovu telling an assassin how to kill one of her family members – as part of a cruel plan to cash out R1.4 million in life insurance payouts. However, it has also been argued that she was only forced to say those things, and she is being set up by someone else.

The former cop, who was stationed at the Tembisa South Police Station in Ekurhuleni, is now facing 20 criminal charges.

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