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ANC workers to lay corruption charges against top officials.

Article by: Dumisane Dube

Former and Current African National Congress (ANC) staffers said they will lay charges of fraud, theft and corruption against the party’s top officials.

Last month some ANC staffers across the country downed tools, having apparently reached a breaking point over unpaid wages.

According to former ANC member Carl Niehaus the employees were set to lay the charges last week.

Niehaus who was dismissed from the ANC says he believes there is serious mismanagement of funds by the national executive.

“We believe the senior management of the ANC has seriously mismanaged the funds of the ANC, to the point where crimes have been committed. We believe it is our duty as citizens and also as employees of the ANC to be whistleblowers when information of mismanagement comes to our attention,” he said

He says they are concerned about the theft, fraud and corruption therefore national officials must be held accountable.

“Mismanagement of the finances of ANC must be at the bottom of the failures to pay staff salaries up to three months now. We are equally concerned about the theft and fraud that is being committed by deductions that are being made, those deductions reflect on payslips of staff members but they are not to pay those monies over to the relevant authorities.

The national office bearers have to be kept accountable because they are the structure responsible for the daily running of the ANC. There is a very specific responsibility that lies on the shoulder of the treasurer-general Paul Mashatile as the person responsible for the management of the finances ” added Niehaus.

The case is set to be opened at Johannesburg Central Police Station on Wednesday morning.

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