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Carl Niehaus dismissed from the ANC

Article by: Dumisane Dube

The African National Congress (ANC) has confirmed that suspended ANC member Carl Niehaus has been dismissed from the organisation.

This comes after he threatened to file criminal charges against the ANC Top Six on behalf of ANC staff for non-payment of salaries and UIF.

ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe said Niehaus does not even attend official programmes of the ANC.

“We see Carl Niehaus more on television and on social media and hear him across other mass media platforms. We rarely see him attending official programmes of the ANC. Comrade Carl has never been in a programme that the president of the ANC has been out doing outreaches or any other national official of the ANC.

Now what he does is that he wants to propel and drive a narrative that will undermine the unity and renewal programme that the ANC embarked on and we are not going to wait we are going to discipline anyone that put the organisation in disrepute. If he believes the decision we have taken is wrong he can feel free to approach any court in the land, for now, he stays dismissed,” said Mabe.

Niehaus was also informed to fetch his belongings from the ANC security at Luthuli.

“If he wants to appeal, he can exercise the normal routes. We must be seen to be taking action against descent whether it’s done by younger ones in the ANC or those who claim to be decorated freedom fighters, we must take action,” he added.

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