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ANC withdraws application to electoral court

Article by: Dumisane Dube

The ANC has withdrawn its application to the Electoral Court requesting that the candidate registration system be reopened so that the party can submit their lists.

Deputy Secretary General Jessie Duarte filed an affidavit stating that the party was not able to register candidates in 94 municipalities as they had experienced technical difficulties when submitting the candidate lists.

Duarte added that the party encountered numerous problems when having to register their candidates. She said the system kept freezing on a number of occasions, forcing users to log in again – and, as such, losing valuable time.

“As administrators were correcting details of candidates, the system deleted entire lists captured prior to the correction. Administrators then had to recapture the lists, which prevented them from uploading some lists, and also to do the final submission of candidates already uploaded by the deadline. The system had difficulties handling bulk submissions of candidates already uploaded by the deadline,” stated Duarte.

Various political parties were against the ANC’s application, while some like the EFF and DA, had threatened legal action over the matter.

Earlier, ANC said it had no other option but to approach the Electoral Court, as the IEC had rejected its request to extend the election timetable.

Supporting the application made by the ANC the United Democratic Movement as it experienced the same difficulties, whilst political parties like the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the Democratic Alliance (DA) have threatened to oppose this application.

Attorney Ntanga Nkhulu said they were given instructions to withdraw the application, but never gave reasons why.

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