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Ramaphosa defends cadre deployment

Article by: Dumisane Dube

President Cyril Ramaphosa has defended cadre deployment in the judiciary.

Ramaphosa appeared before the Zondo Commission on Wednesday, testifying about his time as Deputy President under former President Jacob Zuma.

He said the ANC’s deployment committee was playing an advisory role to ministers and not dictating to them on key appointments within the state. According to Ramaphosa the deployment committee does not instruct the judiciary on who it should appoint to fill a vacancy.

“The Deployment Committee knows that at best all it can do is note a vacancy. There are certain names that could be proposed and having done that, it also knows very well that it is not an appointing structure and by definition, by the way, our constitution works it could never have a judge appointed,” says Ramaphosa.

The commission’s head of the legal team Adv Paul Pretorius said it had been established that Ramaphosa’s insistence that the ANC’s deployment committee played an advisory role in relation to key appointments in government was not consistent with the minutes of the meetings by the committee, which he said revealed that the party instructed ministers.

Ramaphosa was asked how cadre deployment within the governing party took place when he first appeared in April.

 He replied by saying the ANC often finds itself unable to record the minutes of some meetings.

“I think that you can ascribe that to rather unfortunate recordkeeping because in the in the main, the ANC has so many meetings one after the other so many committees and I think those that are in charge just take notes and just take a decision and then it is communicated,” says Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa insisted that there was nothing wrong with the ANC lobbying for its preferred candidates to take over positions within the state.

The president also said that he almost resigned over the Gupta leaks and he was the one who recommended Brian Molefe for Eskom.

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