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Vaccine registration now open for over 35s

The Health Department has officially opened the vaccine registration system to allow people aged 35 and above to register to get their COVID-19 vaccine.

According to the department, the national vaccination programme continues across the country, despite violent protests, which resulted in the temporary closure of some sites in violence-struck areas.

The department has also encouraged those who are eligible to sign up in their numbers on the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS).

According to the department, People over 50 years can walk into vaccine sites with or without appointments to vaccinate.

“We call upon all law abiding and patriotic citizens to join hands with the government and other sectors to safeguard healthcare facilities, self-sacrificing health workers and medical supplies against criminal activities whose intention is to undermine the law of the country,” stated the health department.

The department has, meanwhile, urged all those visiting the vaccination sites, especially senior citizens, to be vigilant of any criminal activities that are intended to derail government’s efforts to break the chain of transmission and save lives through the lifesaving COVID-19 vaccine.

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