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Unrest in SA was instigated and planned: Ramaphosa.

Article by: Dumisane Dube

President Cyril Ramaphosa says the violence that unfolded in South Africa in the past week was instigated and planned.

The president is in KwaZulu-Natal to assess the impact of the recent violence and looting. He says the government will not allow anarchy and mayhem to prevail.

The #SAUNREST sparked last weekend when protestors took to the streets demanding the release of former President Jacob Zuma, after his incarceration.

South Africans have been gripped by harrowing images of burning trucks, looted retail shops and buildings on fire.

Ramaphosa says recent looting and vandalism incidents had nothing to do with ethnic mobilisation. He said those who instigate instability will not prevail.

“Later, we then analysed the situation with all our leaders and we came to the conclusion that this is not about ethnic mobilisation, even though at the beginning it appeared to be like that…Right now we are dealing with a situation that goes beyond ethnic mobilisation, but we are also concerned about the racial aspect of it,” Ramaphosa said.

The president said instigators of the riots have been identified and will be arrested.

“The instigators want to spread instability in the country and we don’t know what their full and true intentions are, but the democratic state is what our people are defending,  as well as their assets which demonstrates that the intentions of the instigators is failing,” he added.

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