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Action SA to file a lawsuit against the government.

Article by: Dumisane Dube

Action SA has called on individuals and businesses, who were affected by violent protests to join their planned class-action lawsuit against President Cyril Ramaphosa, the African National Congress (ANC), and government.

According to Action SA the government failed their legal obligation to uphold and maintain law and order.

ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba, said the ANC government is the reason behind poverty, unemployment, racial inequality, hopelessness, and desperation that led to the violence.

Mashaba says they will be suing the ANC, the President, the Minister of Police, and the Minister of the Security Cluster, jointly and separately for the loss and damage to property.

“We are convinced we have a strong prospect of success of appealing to our judiciary that it is the actions and inactions of these parties that have directly caused the riotous behaviour that has led directly to the loss and destruction of property,” said Mashaba.

He says President Ramaphosa, Minister Cele, and the rest of the Executive have a positive legal obligation to uphold and maintain law and order.

“We engaged thoroughly with our legal team to ensure we hold our government accountable. Because I think as South Africans, and all of us needs to take that responsibility, over the last 27-years we failed to hold them accountable,” he added.

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