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#FreeJacobZuma Support Peaks In Gauteng

Article by Emma Clayfield

An embittered mood looms in South Africa as citizens have taken up in arms by setting the streets ablaze across the country, following the incarceration of former President Jacob Zuma.

Under the hastag #FreeJacobZuma, South Africans have mobilised to take a stand against what many view as a harsh judgement passed down on the former President by the Constitutional Court.

The former President was charged with contempt of court and slapped with a punishment of up to 15 months incarceration without the possibility of appeal or house arrest.

#FreeJacobZuma Peaceful Protestors in Johannesburg

The former President was given until 00:00am on Sunday morning to hand himself over to the nearest police facility of choice, with an option to hand himself over in either Johannesburg or KwaZulu-Natal. Jacob Zuma later took the decision to hand himself over to the Escourt prison, where he chose to carry out his 15 month sentence, even against the will of his followers.

The following morning saw KwaZulu-Natal ablaze as major highways and transportation routes were blocked off by protestors, demanding that the government release the former President with immediate effect.

The incarceration of the former President comes as a taboo to the South African constitution, where a freedom fighter and former President of the country has been incarcerated post democracy.

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