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Rand Water warns against home purification methods

Article by: Dumisane Dube

Rand Water says Johannesburg residents should not prioritize home-made purification systems.

Rand Water’s Prags Govender says there is no need to fear contamination, as the pipes are cleaned after every repair.

“There is no need to fear because each time a repair is carried out there is a flushing of the system. In other words, there is no contaminated water left in the system. Should some contamination enter the system the whole system is flushed out after repairs prior to the water being supplied to the customers again,” says Govender.

According to Governor home treatment devices are not safe for cleaning water.

“There are various elements that happens to be in water, which Rand Water doesn’t add, because these elements happen naturally. So these home treatment services remove necessary elements from the water,” he explained.

Govender says Rand Water tests the water on a daily basis.

“We do hundreds of tests a day to ensure the health and safety of the water,” he added.  

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