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Stones found at KZN are not diamonds – experts.

Article by: Dumisane Dube

A team of geologists and mining experts visited a site in KwaZulu-Natal to inspect the new discovery of precious stones people claim to have found.

The technical Sub-Task Team consisting of DMRE KZN Regional officials, Council for Geoscience, South African Diamond, and Precious Metals Regulator, conducted an inspection at the site on Tuesday.

Last week, people flocked to the area, some even from other provinces, to dig for the stones.

The experts released a preliminary reporting stating that the stones found in Ladysmith were not diamonds but quartz crystals.

The team says it found that the site of the informal mining is geographically located on the edge of the Karoo dolerite sill, which is not in a zone where diamond can be found.

“ …what has been discovered are quartz crystals that are common across the Karoo Supergroup with extensional fracture planes within and along with the contact of Karoo dolerite sill,” the report stated.

The report further stated that the value of the quartz crystals is yet to be established but it must be mentioned that the value of quartz crystals is very low compared to that of diamonds.

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