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Families left homeless in Soweto.

Article by: Dumisane Dube

Families of foreign nationals and some South Africans are left stranded and displaced in Soweto.

This is after they were forcefully removed from an old South African Post office building by a group of people who go by the name Dudula on Wednesday.

The group marched to the old building that was illegally occupied and rented out.

According to Dudula they want to remove illegal occupants at buildings and close shops owned by foreign nationals.

The displaced residents said they were not warned or given a notice before they were forcefully removed.

“It came as a surprise because we thought we would at least be given notice before being given marching orders. We asked them where we will go because we don’t have anywhere to go,” said one of the evicted occupant.

According to reports foreign-owned spaza shops were also attacked overnight.

Mantshadi Maralo from the Red-Cross organization said the organization will assist with food and blankets, but they don’t have means to offer accommodation.

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