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Nigeria takes to the streets.

Article by: Ntando Mncube

Citizens of Nigeria took the streets by storm protesting for change in their country.

The Abuja citizens were fired at by security forces to stop them from protesting but the civilians did not back down.

The citizens are calling for a number of social ills happening in the country to stop, these include as poverty, unemployment and police brutality among others.  

According to the stats 10 million people are displaced in Nigeria, about 40 million of the youth is unemployed, over 180 million Nigerians live in hunger and poverty-stricken conditions, civil rights violation, suspension of the rule of law and constitution, harassment of citizens and internet shut down.

The citizens are demanding an immediate change in the country and have vowed to continue the protest on Monday.

In the last six months, Nigeria went through a number of challenges from children and students being kidnapped by terrorists, people being kidnapped for ransoms, people killed in violent attacks by armed herders, cult clashes, Jihad terrorists, just to name a few.

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