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Newlyweds found dead in Johannesburg.

Article by: Ntando Mncube

Their happiness was short-lived when just a day after returning from their honeymoon, the newlyweds, Zaheer Sarang and Nabeelah Khan, a Johannesburg couple, were found dead in their Crosby home on Sunday.

Although it is believed that Khan, 24, was electrocuted after touching a tap while she was in the shower and her husband Sarang, was electrocuted when he tried to save her, police are waiting for the post-mortem to determine the cause of the death for the two.

According Johannesburg Police Spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo said an inquest docket was opened after their bodies were found around late afternoon on Sunday.

“It is suspected that the couple was electrocuted. Police are still waiting for the post-mortem results that will confirm the cause of death,” Masondo said.

Hassan Aalim, who is the couple’s neighbour told the media that Sarang and Khan returned from their honeymoon on Saturday.

According to him he said that he knew something terrible had happened when he heard screams coming from their house.

“It’s devastating what happened to Zaheer and his bride,” said Aalim.

Alim said what is worse is that they had been experiencing power outages in the area and a complaint had been laid with City Power but no one responded.

According to one of the community activists in the area they have received many complaints from people saying that they get an electrical shock when they touch their taps.

They reported the matter to officials and did not get a response.

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