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Khaya Dladla allegedly fired from Uzalo

Article by: Ntando Mcube

Khaya Dladla who plays the character GC (a fun gay hairstylist) is said to be fired from the show.

Besides the fact that he just returned in March, along with other old faces, with an aim to grow the show’s viewership; according to the Daily Sun, the actor’s story line is just not blending in with the show’s audience.

The actor’s storyline was allegedly much longer as in for the entire season, but reports state that the response from the audience was not what the producers had expected.

“Viewers were complaining on social media that his storyline was boring. They even asked why he was brought back. Producers then had to go back to the drawing board,” a source told Daily Sun

“Writers and producers will meet on Monday for the storyline writing workshop. Maybe things will change during the workshop. We don’t know, but GC adds spice to Uzalo. We hope that producers bring him back,”
 the source explained.

Khaya said Uzalo would decide his future as published in an article by Daily Sun.

In 2018, the Gagasi FM radio DJ was said to be fired for being unprofessional. However, Khaya rubbished rumours in an interview with Zalebs in 2020.

“The thing is with me leaving the show, I didn’t process it because I wasn’t told I was leaving the show, so there was no time for me to digest that in the next three months I won’t be on this show because, no one said anything to me about not coming back. Other actors were told that they won’t be coming back but I was not,” he had said.

“When I was let go on Uzalo, there was no reason to say that maybe I was troublesome, I was so professional, I wrote lines for GC, I prepped for everything and my scenes. People called and said I have been fired. If I was like I’m not fired, I’m now a call actor, meanwhile Khaya has been fired because it cannot happen that you put someone on standby for 1 year,” he told ZAlebs.

“You can’t say you ran out of a story-line that is nonsense, then you do not have the right writers, you can create stories, I created stories for GC and other characters, I gave them stories and other actors would come to portray their characters but I added story-lines to their characters,” Khaya concluded.

Will Khaya be brought back to the show?

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