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EFF happy with Mali’s suspension.

Article by: Dumisane Dube

The AU announced that it will be suspending the Republic of Mali from participation in all activities of its organs and institutions until normal constitutional order has been restored.

This is after chaos erupted from the Pan-Africa Parliament (PAP) and proceeding were suspended for the fourth time.

Economic Freedom Fighters released a statement which says the AU’s decision shows that the institution is finally developing a backbone to intervene decisively in the crises affecting African states.

“The destructive tendency of military men undermining the electoral mandate of democratic societies in Africa must be condemned and put to a stop. It is this tendency that is a contributing factor to the continued violence and instability confronting the continent, and is central to how dictatorships maintain themselves,”said EFF.

According to the party, Mali’s behaviour is sabotaging for the continent’s political affairs.

“…in order to aid the agenda of the extraction of our wealth and our underdevelopment. It is decisions such as these that set a precedent,” said the party in a statement.

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