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Post office to close 130 branches across SA.

Article by: Dumisane Dube

The South African Post Office has announced that it will be closing about 130 of its offices across the country.

Chief Executive Officer Nomkhitha Mona says the majority of the earmarked offices have already been vacated.

 SOPA offices will be closed due financial constraints.

“Our targeted number of branches to close is 130. This was for a lot of reasons, including a lack of profitability and the fact that there were too many within a short space of each other in terms of radius,” said Mona.

According to Mona delays to complete the process have been caused by the current contracts it has entered into with various landlords.

“Now we are left with 80, those are the ones that we are still looking into closing. I think what is important to note is that sometimes we do have to respect the current contracts that we have with the landlords because if we just step out of it immediately we then prone to penalties. So we are doing that in a staggered form so the number is 80 to go and the target was 130 so we have to close some of those,” added Mona.

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