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Dispute over the next Balobedi ruler goes to cout.

Article by: Dumisane Dube

The Balobedu nation in Limpopo takes the dispute over the next Balobedi leader to court.

The foster parents of Princess Masalanabo Modjadji will head to court to challenge the Modjadji Royal Council’s decision to appoint princess Masalanabo’s brother, Prince Lekukela.

The Royal Council recently announced that Prince Lekukela is the next leader to ascend the throne and will be coronated in October next year

The council also stated that it has never said, Princess Masalanabo Modjadji, the sixth’s daughter of the late Queen Makobo Modjadj, would be the next Rain Queen to rule over the Balobedu nation.

Mathews Phosa the Lawyer working on the case says they are bringing an application, they busy drafting court papers to set aside the attempt to disinherit the queen-elect Masalanabo of her rightful throne

“The second action is to challenge their null and void attempt to mount a coup against the queen-elect. The Tolo Commission identified Masalanabo as the queen-elect, now these people who appeared and tried to nullify this should have gone at least to challenge the review of the commission.” Said Phosa.

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