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Zimbabwe’s vice president resigns amid sexual misconduct allegations.


Article by: Dumisane Dube

Kembo Mohadi, Zimbabwe’s second Vice President has resigned amidst sexual misconduct allegations.

Three audio recordings were circulating on social media of the former vice president apparently asking for sexual favors from women.

In the recordings making rounds, a man can be heard scheduling to have sex at his office.

Mohadi has denied the allegations. He says allegations are part of a smear campaign.

In a letter posted on Twitter, Mohadi said he is stepping down from his position as the vice president of Zimbabwe with immediate effect.

In his resignation later, Mohadi insists that he being targeted and sabotaged.

“…I am a victim of information distortion, voice cloning, and sponsored spooking and political sabotage”, said Mohodi.

Mohadi says his resignation will also allow him space and time to seek legal solutions to clear his name.

He also thanked the nation of Zimabawe for their support during these tough times.

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