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Alex residents block City Power from cutting illegal connections


Article by: Dumisane Dube.

City Power was chased by angry residents of River Park in Alexandra, north of Johannesburg.

This is after City Power wanted to cut illegal power at an unlawfully occupied block of flats.

River Park residents barricaded London Road with burning tires, blocking the police and city power employees.

One of the residents said City Power had failed to install power at the flats, therefore they must not cut power.

“City Power told us to organize a petition and follow the proper process. We followed the process and up until today, they have not given us feedback. City Power cannot just decide to cut our power, people from the flats are willing to pay for electricity if they give us proper electricity,” said another resident.

The utility spokesperson Isaac Mangena who was also chased away said City Power cannot electrify an illegally occupied building.

“The flats they are occupying do not belong to the city for one, they belong to the province. They have not been proclaimed as part of the housing or where people can stay at. As City Power, our hands are tied. We cannot electrify a place that is not proclaimed to have electricity.” said Mangena.

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