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Uber Eats drivers to go on strike.


Article by: Dumisane Dube

Uber Eats drivers around the country will embark on a nationwide strike over delivery fee cuts.

According to Uber Partners Association grievances on the matter were forwarded to the company requesting a meeting and a meeting was arranged with drivers from Gauteng, Uber then promised to work on the grievances.

“…they said they were going to work on the concerns in the next couple of weeks. That was about three weeks ago.” added the Association.

The Uber Eats drivers are complaining that the cuts will eat into their wages.

The association said drivers are currently getting a pick-up fee of R10 per delivery, plus R4 a mile (1.6km), which is not enough, they are demanding a pick-up fee of R20 and then R6/km after the first 2km.

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