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Molefe blames Ramaphosa for the state of Eskom.


Article by: Dumisane Dube

Brian Molefe took a shot at Cyril Ramaphosa at the state capture inquiry. Former CEO of Eskom accused Cyril Ramaphosa of conflicts of interest in the matters of Eskom.

Molefe claims that President Cyril Ramaphosa is responsible for the downfall of Eskom because he defeated the load shedding challenge under his leadership, it only emerged again when Cyril Ramaphosa took office.

“If these were to be investigated properly, we’d all see the real problems from which were being diverted, I believe with the blessing of Ramaphosa and Gordhan. I find it strange that the focus is on Tegeta, given the fact that Tegeta supplied less than 4% of Eskom coal. While in 2015, four other white, rich companies supplied more than 80% of Eskom coal to the value in excess of R40 billion per annum with 40-year contracts.”

‘I was having Eskom’s interest and those of the country at heart, what was happening was wrong on many fronts. It was literally going to financially ruin Eskom’, Explained Molefe.

“When I arrived at Eskom, a de facto board of the company had been established outside of the company in the form of a war room in the presidency. Management had to report to this war room every Friday at 7am. When I got there, the biggest activity that was happening at Eskom was preparing war room reports. From Wednesday we must start preparing the reports to make sure they are ready by 7am on Friday. It was an untenable situation.

“What is even strange is that there is evidence that shows that members of the legitimate and legal board of Eskom were not seeing those war room reports. Management was reporting to the war room; it even gets better, the deputy president of the republic, Cyril Ramaphosa, was chairperson of the war room.

He was, in fact, the de facto chairperson of Eskom and de facto chairperson of a de facto board that was outside the company.”

“When the Glencore deal was done in 2012 and he bought shares, he was made chairperson. In 2014 he became deputy president of the country and chairperson of the war room.’’

According to former CEO OF Eskom Glencore sold shares to Ramaphosa to gain political benefits.

Molefe said he later realized that the war room was not about load shedding and turning Eskom around, but something else was happening, he got uncomfortable with the war room and stopped attending war room meetings. He further said that he was relieved when former president Jacob Zuma closed down the war room.

‘On the 8th of August 2015 load shedding was defeated for three years, load shedding came back when Cyril Ramaphosa was made president of the country,’ explains Molefe.  

The Commission will continue with former Eskom CEO Brian Molefe’s testimony at a later date to be disclosed by the commission.

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