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ANC rescinds decision to reappoint member accused of raping daughters

Article by Alicia Jones

The ANC in Mpumalanga has revoked its decision to reinstate one of their PEC member who is facing charges of rape.

Earlier this week, a PEC member who had been recused from his duties due to the allegations that he raped two of his daughters was reappointed.

The provincial spokesperson, Sasekani Mancini, announced that the member was reinstated with immediate effect because the ANC is not a unilateral organization, and every other ANC member who has been accused before is participating in the country, therefore that decision should apply to the next person

The decision to reinstate the accused caused widespread outrage, as the ruling party was in the middle of their 16 days of activism against women and child abuse campaigns.

ANC spokesperson, Dakota Legoete said: “We welcome the reversal of the decision by the PEC because as you would know that as the African National Congress, one of our long-standing policy positions is that of building a non-sexist society from the objectives that we have set for ourselves in a national democratic revolution.”

“A non-sexist society means the fight against the oppression of women in society, in the workplace and in the family and now you know gender-based violence is something that can happen within families and it is something that cannot be promoted,” he said.

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