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COVID-19 vaccine made in India could be ready in February

Article by Emma Clayfield

A COVID-19 vaccine thats backed by the Indian government could be launched as early as February 2021.

The last stage trails are expected to start beginning of this month and so far, studies have shown that the vaccine is safe and effective, a senior scientist says.

Bharat Biotech, a private company that’s partnered with the Indian Coubcil of Medical Research to develop COVAXIN – had the hopes of launching the vaccine in the second quarter of 2021, however, they’re happy to announce that the vaccine has shown good efficacy and it should be expected between February or March.

“COVAXIN has shown safety and efficacy in the phase 1 and 2 trials, as well as in the animal studies 1- therefore it’s safe for us to move to phase 3 in order to be 100% sure the vaccine is ready,” the head of research, Kant, said.

India’s Coronavirus cases are second to the United States, and as at Thursday, November 5th, their new cases rose by 50 201 totaling 8.36 million cases. Deaths also increased by 704 – making the total 124 315.

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