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President Cyril Ramaphosa – Writes Anti Corruption Letter to ANC

Article by: Natalie Müller


South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has this afternoon released a profound letter to his political party, the African National Congress on the intense scourge of fraud and corruption that is emerging in the country.

This letter follows the stigma caused by the recent allegations of fraud and corruption allegedly by members of the ANC, following the President’s attendance of the ANC’s 54th National Conference where the issues of corrupt practices within the ANC were addressed.

The ANC which is the South African ruling party, holds majority seating in parliament and is responsible for the administration of state owned departments. They are administered by members of the ANC in their respective majority vote provinces, followed by opposition party the Democratic alliance, which serves as the second largest political party in the country.

Ramaphosa details in the letter, how the 54th National Conference was a seminal moment of commemoration for the ruling party but also served as a platform for the ANC to reflect on it’s severe weaknesses and an opportunity to embark on a program of renewal.

Allegations of corruption have unfurled on the ANC with the hashtag #VoetsekANC trending on social media, as an outcry by members of the public, who are calling for the current government to be removed following the influx of PPE tender scandals and allegations that have emerged.

ANC officials under their respective leadership roles are responsible for the procurement processes of government requirements, such as the countries recent need for increased Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa.

Ramaphosa who consistently portrays commendable leadership qualities, took responsibility in the actions of some of the members of the ANC by saying – As President of the African National Congress, as part of the national leadership collective, I am fully aware of the decisive mandate we have been given by #ANC54 to end all forms of corruption, and to renew and rebuild our movement. This is the mandate I intend to fulfil.

President Cyril Ramaphosa future went on say, that those who see the ANC as a “path to wealth, to power, to influence or status” do not belong in the movement.

In the letter Ramaphosa reminds members of the ANC that corruption robs the poor of Etiquette services.

President Cyril Ramaphosa did not shy away from addressing the elephant in the room, by pointing out that; the best known form of corruption right now is the awarding of tenders and other contracts to certain companies, based on conflictual relations such as friendships or family connections. For these people, success depends on who you know in the public service – said Ramaphosa.

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