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Drunk Driver Causes Death of Three TMPD Officers

Article by: Emma Clayfield

Three Tshwane Metro Police Officials have died this morning at around 2:00am in an accident, after giving chase to a drunk and wreck-less driver.

The Tshwane Metro Police Department has released a detailed statement, describing the occurrences of the accident which took place in the early hours of the 23 August 2020; this Sunday morning. The TMPD confirmed that the officials succumbed to injuries sustained in a head-on collision with a suspected drunk driver on the N4 between Trans Orange Road and Rebecca Street in Pretoria west.

At around 02h00am on Sunday morning TMPD officers spotted a vehicle driving recklessly, infringing the rules of the road; with his vehicle facing towards on-coming traffic in the Pretoria CBD.

According to the statement, the officers attempted to stop the vehicle, in which the driver evidently refused to abide by the instruction of the officers and instead decided to flee in an attempt to avoid an arrest. The officers then gave chase to the suspect, who was not only drunk but was also violating Level2 lockdown regulations, which instruct all South African citizens to abide by the curfew put into place by President Cyril Ramaphosa, under the Disaster Management Act.

The officers called for back-up and they were joined in the chase by a TMPD team which was in the area where the vehicle was heading. The TMPD vehicle had three male officers inside.

The vehicle in persuit was then involved in a head on collision with the back up TMPD vehicle.

The three Tshwane Metro Police officers that were inside the vehicle all died on the scene. The driver of the vehicle which was sought also died on the scene. He was in the company of a female passenger who sustained injuries but was transported to the nearest public hospital.

According to the statement, the vehicle contained consumed and full bottles of alcohol, which were all found in the suspect’s vehicle. TMPD has confirmed that a case of culpable homicide has been opened.

The identities of the 3 officers have not yet been revealed. The TMPD has confirmed that the names of the officers who lost their lives will be released as soon as their families have been informed.

Messages of sorrow and remorse with the officers that have lost their lives at the hands of a wreck less and drunk driver have been pouring in on social media, with some people asking for the ban on alcohol sales to lifted by the president once again.

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