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There’s a second pandemic against women and the children – President Cyril Ramaphosa

Article by: Emma Clayfield

The past few weeks have been undeniably hard times for South Africa, as murders of women and children are seeing a sudden spike.

President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed this issue this evening, condemning the actions of men and labeling this outbreak as a second pandemic.

President Ramaphosa said it is with a heavy heart that he stands before the women and girls of the country. “As a man, husband and father, I am appalled at what is no less than a war being waged on the women and children of our country” – Ramaphosa

The President assures women that the criminal justice system will remain focussed on gender-based violence, more arrests of perpetrators will follow.

Ramaphosa also called out those that shame victims and discourage them from turning to the law. President Ramaphosa said “By looking away, by discouraging victims from laying charges, by shaming women for their lifestyle choices or their style of dress, we become complicit in these crimes”.

The success of our fight to end gender-based violence will require the involvement and support of our entire society.
If we are serious about ending these crimes, we cannot remain silent any longer.- Cyril Ramaphosa.

Several studies show linkages between alcohol abuse and GBV. Of course, it is not alcohol that rapes or kills a woman or a child. Rather, it is the actions of violent men. But if alcohol intoxication is contributing to these crimes- it must be addressed.

He says we need to draw lessons from the lockdown and how we can protect society from the abuse of alcohol.

Since the start of the outbreak there have been 80 412 confirmed coronavirus cases in South Africa.
Of these, 44 331 people – or around 55% – have recovered.
That means there are currently 34 407 active cases in the country.

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