Just In: Personal Care Services Can Now Operate As Lockdown Restrictions have been lifted – Advance Level 3

Article by: Natalie Müller

Just In: Lockdown Restrictions have been lifted for the following services:

These economic activities include restaurants for sit down meals, accredited and licensed accommodation, conference and meetings for business, cinemas and theatres, casinos and personal care services.

South Africa remains at lockdown level 3, but additional sectors of our economy will now be allowed to reopen – as long as strict measures are in place to ensure physical distancing & personal hygiene.

Non-contact sports such as tennis, cricket and golf will be allowed to resume. Contact sports only for training and modified activities, with restrictive use of facilities. Stringent safety requirements have been agreed to by the various disciplines.

Following further discussions on protocols and advice from scientists, consultations at provincial level and discussions in the NCCC, Cabinet has decided to ease restrictions on economic activities.

Ramaphosa says, as we resume activities, the risk of infection rises. Through our behaviour as individuals we can reduce the rate of transmission.

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