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Three Children in America Die From Covid-19 Related Disease

Article by: Emma Clayfield

The American government has announced today that three (3) children have succumbed to a respiratory disease linked to the Covid-19 virus. 

The deaths of three children in New York of inflammatory complications possibly linked to Covid-19 has prompted Andrew Cuomo, the state’s governor, to warn of “an entirely different chapter” of a disease that had been believed to cause only mild symptoms in children.

The governor reported the first death, of a five-year old boy, on Friday. At his morning press conference on Saturday, Cuomo raised the number of fatalities to three, after the death of a seven-year-old and a teenager.

“The illness has taken the lives of three young New Yorkers,” Cuomo said. “This is new. This is developing.”

State health authorities said last week there have been 73 reported cases in New York of children falling severely ill with a toxic shock-like reaction that displays symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease.

Cuomo said many of the children did not display respiratory symptoms commonly associated with Covid-19 when they were brought to area hospitals, but all of them tested positive either for the virus or its antibodies.

A condition that causes inflammation in the walls of some blood vessels in the body.

It’s most common in infants and young children.

Early stages include a rash and fever. Symptoms include high fever and peeling skin. In late stages, there may be inflammation of medium-sized blood vessels (vasculitis). It also affects lymph nodes, skin and mucous membranes, such as inside the mouth.

New York City reported on Monday that 15 patients aged between two and 15 had been hospitalized over the past three weeks with the Covid-related syndrome. 

Andrew Cuomo said he was increasingly worried that the syndrome posed a new emerging risk to children

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