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Lockdown SA To Be Gradually Uplifted – Ramaphosa

Article by: Natalie Müller

President Cyril Ramaphosa has addressed all South African citizens this evening, to communicate measures put into place, to fight the spread of the coronavirus as the country prepares to gradually uplift lockdown restrictions and open up the economy.

The President touched on pivotal information that affects and impacts the livelihood of every South African citizen including the labor sector, education and travel industries. 

The President announced that the easing of the lockdown and the tackling of the Covid-19 pandemic will be handled in a manner of an alert system with levels of restriction, measuring from level 1 to 5, with level 5 being the highest on most sensitive level. 

As of May 1st 2020 we will be gradually moving into level 4 of the lockdown restrictions, which will see the relaxing of some rules and regulations, which means some operations will be permitted. The relaxing of specific operations will be confirmed by relevant ministers in an address to the public.  

Ramaphosa went on to mention that all company staff members who can work remotely, must be allowed to do so until we reach a less dangerous level of the pandemic. 

All relevant ministers will also provide details on the process for the phased, reopening of schools and other educational institutions. 

Every business will have to adhere to the detailed health and safety protocol to protect their employees and their workplace. 

Organizations will have to implement stringent plans, in order to enable the microscopic monitoring and prevention of the disease and to prevent the spread of infection. 

Because Covid-19 confirmed case numbers & rates of infection differ across the country, alert levels will be determined at the provincial, and in some cases, the district level once the full nationwide lockdown ends.

The President has also announced that the sale of cigarettes will be permitted as of May 1st 2020 but the sale of alcohol will remain prohibited. This means that Shebeens, bottle stores, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, concerts, religious gatherings and other entertainment venues will not be permitted until we enter a lighter level of the pandemic. 

The President thanks South Africans for adhering to the lockdown rules as he had set out and urged all South Africans to continue sacrificing social contact and maintain a safe social distance to help fight the spread of the deadly virus. 

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