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53 Years and Still Putting Alexandra First – Linda Twala Fights Against Covid-19

Article by: Natalie Müller

The world has been hit news of the spread of a deadly pandemic, a virus which is a first of its kind and not familiar to the living population. Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus humanity has had to accustom to the proccess of self isolation and to adjust their everyday lives in an attempt to help curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

South Africa has not been exempt to the spread of the virus and over 2000 people have tested positive for the virus, with over 410 recoveries and has had a death toll of 24 fatalities. Gauteng province possesses the highest number of infections in the country, where townships such as Alexandra, Diepsloot and Soweto are embedded and house millions of people who are at risk of infection, should they be exposed. 

Amidst disaster, Philanthropist and community leader, Linda Twala still thrives to put the  community of Alexandra Township as top priority in the list of his works and good deeds. 

Linda Twala has selflessly served his community for the past 53 years, ensuring that vulnerable members of Alexandra are taken care of and that the needs of those less fortunate are met, through his care facility Phutaditjaba Care of the aged and children’s home. 

Twala has taken it upon himself and the volunteers of his centre to help those who are not in access of essential goods during the nationwide lockdown. He ensures that they are taken care of by supplying them with food parcels and safety gear such as gloves and surgical masks, to help them protect themselves during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Alexandra township is a small community which is the residence of many people who are not privy to essentials goods needed in order to survive the lockdown period. 

With law enforcement extremely tight, lockdown rules in full swing and with microscopic attention paid to Alexandra township by law enforcement, Linda Twala is bound to be troubled as many community members, elders and orphans depend on him to receive weekly food parcels, clothing and other essentials in order to survive. 

South Africans on Official 21 Day Lockdown

Without the freedom of movement, questions my arise of how all those who depend on him would survive the lockdown without the ability to collect food parcels and essentials from his centre based on the movement restrictions in place. 

He urges organizations such as the National Lotteries Commission, who have tirelessly supported his cause over the years, to lend a helping hand during this trying time to help those in less fortunate communities survive the outbreak of the Coronavirus. 

Linda Twala thanks all those who have made generous donations during this outbreak, to assist him help those in need in Alexandra Township. He urges and encourages all members of society to take the Covid-19 pandemic serious and to adhere to the lockdown rules set out by the President.

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