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Mbalula Concerned Over Motorist’s Non-Compliance

Article by Khanyi Moshia

The Minister of Transport, Fikile Mbalula has expressed grave concern about the non-compliance of the transport regulations by motorists during the national lockdown. 

The minister shares that “the number of cars stopped and checked at roadblocks across the country increased from 17,559 on Monday to 29,738 on Wednesday.”

The transport ministry also shares that e-hailing providers that failed to adhere to the passenger limit went from 32 on Monday to 509 on Wednesday. Minibus taxis went from 18 on Monday to 509 on Wednesday. 

Motorists have also attempted to travel across provinces besides the ban for the duration of the lockdown. The number of non-compliant drivers who were caught trying to travel to other provinces has increased from 125 on Monday to 196 on Wednesday. 

Gauteng is deemed to be the epicenter of Covid-19 due to the highest number of positive cases – had the highest number of motorists trying to travel to other provinces was sitting at 108 the beginning of the week has been surpassed by Mpumalanga with 149 motorists trying to go to other provinces. 

Mbalula is worried about the trend of undermining the government’s efforts to try and stop the spread of the virus. The Minister mentions that motorists who don’t adhere to the transport regulations during the lockdown will face the full might of the law as their behavior is putting millions of people at risk. 

Besides the disobedience of these motorists, Minister Mbalula encourages majority of the citizens that are adhering to the lockdown regulations to continue doing do so, and to encourage other to do the right thing too. 

Minister Mbalula is motivated by e-hailing providers, taxi associations and private motorist who continue to comply with the regulations and directives as per the President’s orders. 

He further commends the sterling job done by traffic law enforcement officers across the country by ensuring that South Africans stay home. 

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