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Alexandra Clinic Nurse Continues Working After Testing Positive For Covid-19

A nurse at the Alexandra Clinic, popularly known to the township of Alexandra as Masakhane clinic, has tested positive for Covid-19.

Reports were lurking that, regardless of the nurses knowledge that her test results for Coronavirus had returned positive, she continued to report for duty and disregarded the severity of the impact of this deadly virus. The nurse has contributed to the possibility of a spread amongst her colleagues and the patients of Alexandra Clinic and Alexandra Township at large.

The nurses actions have caused tension at the Masakhane clinic, as fellow employees are feeling anxious and uncertain about the status of their health as they feel they were negligently exposed to the virus by the nurse.

A colleague of the infected, has in an interview with the SABC expressed her deep sense of trouble and worry about the possible exposure. She went on to explain that she is more worried about infecting her children at home.

The nurse also raised a concern that the clinic did not supply sufficient protective gear for the staff to protect themselves against the virus, which leaves them more vulnerable and susceptible to contracting the virus and possibly infecting patients.

They expressed that the nurse chose to deliberately ignore the dangers she might be putting her colleagues and the patients in, who are already of vulnerable circumstances.

Many people have taken to social media to spread awareness around the possibilities of Alexandra Clinic temporarily shutting down and therefore diverting some of its services to other clinics.

The Department of Health has assured the public of its efforts to trace those who had been in contact with the nurse, assuring that her family and those close to her had been put into quarantine. The Department assures the staff members of the Masakhane Clinic that it will do everything in its power to assure their safety during these trying times.

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