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New York City Surpasses 9/11 Death Toll

Article by Lindiwe Karosa

It’s tough times for people living in The Big Apple as the city’s Covid-19 death toll now exceeds those of the tragic 9/11. As of Tuesday afternoon, 3 544 citizens have succumbed to the virus, quickly jumping the 2 753 deaths caused by the haunting terrorist attack.

New York City has recorded the highest number of cases out of all the states in America, sitting at 138 863 confirmed positive cases. New York City also hubs most of the cases at a staggering 74 601. This has put their hospital system under immense pressure and has therefore been forced to look at alternatives.

President Donald Trump has approved the temporary use of New York’s Javits Centre and US Navy Hospital Ship as hospitals to alleviate the pressure on existing hospitals to provide healthcare to Covid-19 patients.

The President had initially stated that the ship would be used for patients who needed treatment that was unrelated to the pandemic, so that the main hospital system could focus on patients affected by coronavirus. This has now changed and the ship may be used for Covid-19 patients if needed. The two facilities will jointly provide the state with about 3 500 additional beds.

The issue of a shortage in medical equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for frontline workers is a global one. Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted that there aren’t enough ventilators and that the government will be taking steps to ensure that ventilators are re-distributed based on need.

New York has been classified as an epicentre of the pandemic. Although it holds the highest cases, Governor Cuomo stated that the number of hospitalisations, ICU admissions and intubations had decreased  – which to them means that they are changing the curve.

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