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Facebook to use “heat map” for Covid19 infections

Article by Khanyi Moshia

Facebook, the number one social media platform in the world is implementing a “heat map” that will inform researchers about the spread of the virus. 

Facebook will ask users for data to generate the “heat map” by giving them a link to a survey that will ask whether they’ve been infected with the Coronavirus or not. 

This is a research project by Carnegie Mellon University – a private research university based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to analyse the spread of  the Coronavirus. 

Below is a sample of a heat map:

The link to the survey will be displayed at the top of users’ news feed, and users are encouraged to participate in the survey as the results will allow medical researchers to predict where medical resources are needed the most. 

Facebook mentions that the success of this project would give them the go-ahead to introduce the surveys in other countries too, and they guarantee that the university and the survey wouldn’t share the participants’ information as the survey will be anonymous. 

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