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Corona Has Finally Met it’s Match

Article by: Emma Clayfield

A viral video of Saftu leader General Secretary Zwelinzima Vavi has made its rounds on social media, where he refers to himself dealing with the coronavirus

Earlier in the week we broke the news that he had tested positive as he went on to make a public announcement, that he had been confirmed to be a Covid-19 positive case.

Vavi relayed to the public that he had shown no signs or symptoms of the virus until last week Friday on March 27 2020 and the flu like symptoms continued into an aggravated state during the course of the weekend. After having tests conducted he states that in the past few days he started recovering and feeling absolutely fine and had not anticipated the call he received to inform him that his results had come back positive and that he needs to self isolate.

Vavi Tests Positive For Covid-19

Now a video has emerged of what seems to be Zwelinzima Vavi in a sauna, steaming the Coronavirus away.

Zwelinzima Vavi Viral Video

On the other hand, publications such as Reuter’s have published articles disputing that steaming can deal with the coronavirus in the human immune system.

Reuter’s stated that; One post claims: “Steam heat treatment for respiratory viruses. A natural remedy that kills Coronavirus, Influenza, Rhinovirus.” ( here )

Neither the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) nor the World Health Organization (WHO) suggest steam therapy with any ingredient as a cure for the coronavirus. A representative from the CDC told Reuters that he was not aware of any scientific studies that show steam therapy helps with the coronavirus.


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