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#Day5 How To Hack The LOTTO and Make MEGA MILLIONS During the COVID 19-LOCK DOWN

Image by The National Lottery

Article by Natalie Müller

The Coronavirus [Covid-19] Pandemic has hit South Africa with a dark cloud of three confirmed deaths and over 1300 confirmed positive cases with over 30 000 people tested. Given the President instituting a National Lockdown to curb the spread of the virus, it’s obvious that is will not be business as usual for may businesses, for the remainder of the 21 day lockdown.

Restriction of movement, social distancing and self isolation being the order of the day, many citizens have been dampened by their inability to physically participate in The National Lottery, but that is not the case. Here is how you could possibly make mega millions during the 21 day lockdown.

The National Lotteries Commision is the sole regulator of all lotteries in South Africa under the lotteries act (no 57 of 1997). They have in an official statement confirmed that the national lottery will continue online during the 21 day lockdown. This means that all jackpot draws done during this period will be insured and guaranteed regardless of the number of people that will play the LOTTO. Players will be able to participate using the digital platforms available such as the mobile app, the web site and on-line platforms from the various participating banks. 

With the lockdown in full effect, it’s obvious that most of your ordinary south african participants will not be able to play the LOTTO due to movement restrictions. The Lockdown also means that ordinary south africans can not leave their homes to play the lotto since its not categorised under essential goods. This means majority of ordinary south african who are restricted in movement and don’t have access to the digital platforms will not be able to participate in the lottery during the lockdown.

If you are any good with numbers, this means that if you do participate in the LOTTO during the lockdown period, the odds of you getting lucky with the lotto jackpot will increase tenfold.

Ithuba says that your winnings will be deposited into your online account up to R50 000 during the lockdown. The rest will be redeemed after the lockdown. Today the Estimated combine jackpot for the Powerball is sitting at R163 million rand. The number of ticket sales that have contributed to the current roll over  which has accumulated to a total jackpot amount of R163 million will see a significant decrease during lockdown.

If you like playing the odds, the COVID-19 LOCKDOWN is a sure way on how to Hack the LOTTO and make MEGA MILLIONS.

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