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COVID 19-LOCK DOWN Drains the Blood Bank

Article by Emma Clayfield

According to the SANBS the blood stocks are critically low. More than 3000 lives are at immediate risk during this period of uncertainty. Regular blood donors have heeded the call to continue donating blood during the lockdown but more is needed.

The SANBS is on a national drive to continue providing this essential service at this critical time thus making Shopping Malls donor centres accessible and open to accommodate donors. Mobile drives will also be setup at large grocery stores to make the process even more accessible.

Traveling to the donor centre will be considered as essential travel during the lockdown. The donor centre facilities working hours will be from 0800-18h00 during the week and 08h00-14h00 on weekends.

“Our trained healthcare practitioners operating in the field have been equipped with the necessary information to identify symptoms that may indicate COVID-19 infection, and should a donor not be feeling well, or exhibit any flu-like symptoms or signs of infection, they will not be permitted access our facilities,” said Dr Jackie Thomson, SANBS Medical Director.

To avoid confusion in terms of proving to the authorities that you are going to donate blood, SANBS has requested that you call and make an appointment with them via their toll fee number (0800 11 90 31). In turn they will tell you the nearest facility centre you can go and send you an sms to your phone with the appointment details. 


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