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Alexandra Resident Allegedly Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Ariel view of Alexandra Township

Article by Khanyi Moshia

Just a few hours after Khayelitsha, a township in Cape Town confirmed its first case of the Coronavirus on Sunday, the 29th March 2020, Gauteng finds itself in the same predicament as a case of the Coronavirus might be confirmed in Stjwetla, Alexandra, according to reports by news channel, Newsroom Afrika. 

The patient is said to have contracted the virus from their employer. The confirmation of this positive case in Alexandra has raised a lot of concern amongst locals as the risk of spreading the virus is high due to the conditions that the residents of this confined township find themselves in – which have also made President Ramaphosa’s plea for social distancing nearly impossible. 

Despite the poverty and congestion in the overpopulated township, many residents still find themselves without adequate water and sanitation – which made it hard for them to practice the basic hygiene precautions as per the Department of Health’s advice – but 41 000 JOJO water tanks have been distributed around the country by the Department of Human Settlements. 

The government and the entire country seems to be worried about the defiance of the 21-days-lockdown by the residents of Alexandra. If the virus has already entered the township, a lot of people’s lives are at stake because the outbreak of the virus in a place like Alexandra will spread exponentially and potentially exhaust the limited resources the local health system already has. 

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