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Update: The Official Number of Confirmed Covid-19 cases in SA

Article by Lindiwe Karosa

Optimism is in the air as South Africa’s Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkhize just announced an increase of only 17 confirmed positive Covid-19 cases. This comes as citizens are recovering from the news of the country’s first death due to the pandemic. Read more as we unpack more of his statement.

The Department of Health has emphasised that the decreased number of confirmed positive cases does not mean that infections in the country have reduced. This number is simply what the labs were able to verify & share today. 

Frontline infections

A number of health workers from the public and private sectors have tested positive for Covid-19. The minister highlighted that the workers were not infected by patients, but were in contact with people who had tested positive for the virus. It is however refreshing to know that the majority have little-to-no symptoms and are in quarantine, although one 70-year old doctor is in ICU.

Protecting our health workers

As we approach flu season, Minister Mkhize has announced that health workers will be priority recipients of the flu vaccine. This is vital because the country cannot afford to have a compromised healthcare workforce in this gruesome fight against the corona pandemic. 

The country will not have enough stock of the flu vaccine this year – as it was ordered at a time when Covid-19 had not been foreseen. This might be the time to start looking at other ways to prepare your immune system for the coming season.

SA citizens from Wuhan get the green light

The citizens from Wuhan are getting ready to leave one lockdown, for another. The citizens were quarantined for 14-days as a precautionary measure despite the fact that the Department of Health was certain they were all negative. Their test results both returned negative after arrival, as well as before their scheduled departure.

Will we find a cure?

South Africa will participate in a clinical trial initiated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that intends to find effective treatment for Covid-19. The Public Health Emergency Solidarity Trial will be facilitated in many other countries, including Spain & France. The South African Solidarity team will consist of experts of different disciplines within the health sector, from medical schools across the country. Things may just be looking up for South Africa.

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For the latest updates, visit our website and remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!  

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