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Two Coronavirus deaths confirmed in South Africa

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South Africa reports first Covid-19 deaths

A dark cloud reigns on South Africa as the country wakes up to the unanticipated news of two patients who have died at the hands of the gruesome Coronavirus Pandemic that has claimed the lives of many people worldwide.

Based on President Cyril Ramaphosa’s orders as the three-weeks lockdown begins, many South Africans are shaken by the announcement of the two confirmed Coronavirus deaths reported in the Western Cape Province, Cape Town.

In a brief statement released by the minister, he noted that the two patients were from the Western Cape – in which one was at a private hospital and the other was at a public hospital.

“It is with deep sadness that we announce two loss of lives to #coronavirus . We will update with more details”, the minister tweeted.

Not only has South Africa recorded its first death cases, but the Minister also mentioned that the numbers have increased from yesterday’s 927 and tipped the 1000 mark.

This makes South Africa the only African country with the most confirmed Covid-19 cases, bringing the continents total cases to over 3200.

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