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Renowned African Author Vulamazulu Credo Mutwa dies at the age of 98

Article by Emma Clayfield

Credo Mutwa an African author, Sanusi, cultural historian. Born 21 July 1921 in KwaZulu-Natal was announced dead on the morning of March 25 2020 at Kuruman Hospital. He will be remembered for his role as one of the greatest traditional healers who possessed amongst many other gifts, emmense talent as a painter, sculptor and mystic prophet.

Through his journey of life, Credo Mutwa served as a vocal advocate for the use of traditional African medicines, which he and many other African traditional healers confirmed to have contributed to the treatment of HIV/AIDS, Cancer and Tuberculosis(TB).

He was notably recognised for his accurate predictions in the forthcoming of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in South Africa. Amongst many of his presumptions, laid his predictions which included the destruction of the World Trade Centre on September 11 2001 refereed to as (911). He also predicted Chris Hani’s assassination and the redeployment of former President Thabo Mbeki, among other predictions.

The resurfacing of Credo Mutwa’s and old video which contains one of his predictions where conflict ensued between Iran and the USA caused a major stir across various social media platforms, after trending in early 2020.

Video of Credo Mutwa Prediction on Iran War

His work is embedded in African history through the many great novels that he leaves behind such as one of his first and best selling novels, “Indaba my children” which is gravely utilised across the continent, as an academic learning tool. One of his last works last was a graphic novel called the Tree of Life Trilogy based on his writings of this popular book, Indaba my Children

Credo Mutwa is survived by his wife Virginia Mutwa with whom he resided in Kuruman in the Northern Cape province, where they ran a hospice clinic. His other works are embedded across country, in which one historic site can be found at the Credo Mutwa Cultural Village in Soweto, Johannesburg. Many organisations have also gone on to fund museums and libraries in his honor. Organisations such as The National Lotteries Commission, have distributed an amount of up to R20 000 000 in funding, for the purpose of building the beautiful Credo Mutwa Library & museum in his honor. The Library is situated in the city Kuruman where he and his wife reside.

The artefacts he leaves behind, create an opportunity for those who did not have the honor and privilege of experiencing him whilst he was still alive, to still journey through some of his paintings and sculptures. Although he had abandoned the Credo Mutwa Cultural Village project in Soweto in the year 1986, a restoration project was undertaken by his former student, Musa Ntanzi, who took upon himself to complete the project and to date anyone can visit the village to experience his artworks.

The great work and insight of Mr Credo Mutwa will forever be embedded in our historical African literature, we salute his contribution to not only imprint of our history but for embedding a future for generations to come. May his soul forever rest in Peace.


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